Moving through Shadows

And so it begins


A new pub has openend up on Babylon 5, Nova9. One ofthe pubs investors decides to use it as his place of business. His name isRoland Anderson and he is a freelance trader and middle-man.

One of his first clients on B5 was a group of scientist in search of alien ruins. They discibed the ruins and Roland had his contact check for any known ruins out there.
His contacts allerted him to certain old ruins on Levana IV Beta, the second moon around the 4th planet in the Levana system. Seeing as how the system was off limits to humans the scientists arranged for a fake permit with N’Grath and with the help of Roland Anderson they managed to set up their expedition.

After two weeks Roland Anderson received a distress call from Levana IV Beta. Only two words could be made out, “Help” and “Attack”. In order to protect his clients and his investment, Roland Anderson spread the word that he was looking for some hired help.

A group of 4 persons agreed to travel to Levana IV Beta to investigate. Two members of the Anla’Shok, a human and a Minabri, a centauri spy and a psy-cop in training.

On Levena IV Beta they found the scientist’s camp abandoned. Inside the ruins they found signs of a firefight and two dead human security guards. They also found an ancient Minbari tapestry hidden behind an old wall.

As they tried to leave the ruins they were attacked by a party of Llort. Llort are known to be raiders and the group managed to kill all 4 attackers. They tracked their attackers trail back to their ship and resqued the 4 remaining scientists.

Once back on B5 they reported to Roland Anderson who was more than pleased.

In the aftermath of their trip the Anla’Shok and the telepath also helped Ambassador Delenn obtain the collection of a soul hunter that visited B5. Aria (Melissa Hart) managed to make some friends with the dockworkers of B5 by obtaining some new equipment for them.



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