Moving through Shadows

Anla'Shok's first report


I’ve made my way to Babylon 5 as per your orders.
I’ve taken up residence here as one of the many humans who came here looking for a new life. I’ve been taking up many small jobs. This lets me blend in with the population and I get to make contact with many different people.
I’ve noticed Shaal Mir has made her way here as well.

One of my contacts, the businessman Anderson, has contracted the both of us into a team to go and look for a group of archaeologists that have gone missing on Levana IV Beta. The other members of the team were a Psi Corps telepath and a woman who seemed to be more at her place in a boardroom or ambassadorial staff.
This composition alone was enough for me to agree to this job.

The interesting parts of this job. The team had falsified papers. They also had hired two Paladin Security guards. I’m wondering what they expected to find that was worth this kind of risk and expeses. But they are not talking, and I’m not pressing. I’m not risking my cover.
We discovered an ancient Minbari tapesty with text on it. Shaal Mir will be sending you the pictures.
The archaeologists were captured by Llort raiders, and we freed them.

I would have preferred to resolve this without violence. But that was not possible and I had to use the Dem’bok. I’ll have to think of some bullshit story on where I picked this up during my travels.

Also a couple of days after our return rumours were spreading about a soulhunter on Babylon 5. I went to investigate, and found ambassador Delenn as she was saved by commander Sinclair. She saw me, and later I was asked to visit her in Medlab. She asked me to locate the stash of souls. I asked the telepath if he could sense them. That seemed to me the easiest way to go about it. He traced it and we managed to recover them. They were handed over to the ambassador.




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