Moving through Shadows

Anla'Shok's second report


Anla’Shok Na,
it’s been a few weeks.

I just returned to the station from Minbar to find a message from mr Anderson on the Babcom terminal.

He had another, rather well paying job. He wanted us to do a kind of search and rescue / prisonbreak.

He was hired to free a human businessman who’d been imprisoned by the Drazi government on a prison colony (a mining facility on an asteroid in neutral territory claimed by the Tirit Free State).

I agreed to do this because I’m curious where these jobs for mr Anderson will lead.

We were booked on a freighter, the Veil of Tears. This ship was a converted military transport.

We also received an expense account to buy some gear. I purchased some standard survival gear, and a decent breather mask and warm clothing.

The journey was quite uneventful, at least until we came across a couple of Drazi freighters. This resulted in a real battle! Our ship was still armed, and one of those Drazi was a disguised military vessel.

We were knocked out, and all of us assisted bringing our ship back online. Somehow me managed to get out of there alive!

The Tirith space station was nothing like I expected. It most resembles the pirate island Tortuga from the old stories. There were all kinds of ships docked, and everything is for sale.

I arranged with our captain to be able to use a shuttle of needed, and even for his ship to assist us if needed.

And I headed for T’s Bar. I’d been told the proprietor would be able to get us just about anything.

He sold me information. There’s a Centauri who knows the prison layout. The prison shuttle comes around once a week to pick up supplies. Melissa got us the layout from the Centauri.

We hid in the supply crates. The guards were not paying attention, so we got into the prison barracks easily. But our target wasn’t there: the warden loves to torture and he’d taken our man. And then, while we were deciding what to do, the Centauri started bombarding the asteroid! I’m wondering what this is about.

We made for the warden’s rooms and had a bit of a fight. We freed our man. Another prisoner was taking care of his wounds, so we took her along as well. But the warden also had an ancient human cryotube complete with living specimen in his quarters! So we made out of there with some extra passengers.

Mr Anderson has hired this human from an age long gone. He went to sleep somewhere around 2050! I’m curious how he will adapt to this situation, and what’s mr Anderson has planned for him.

On an unrelated not, our resident telepath has been recalled to psicorps to take part in an experiment. Maybe that’s why a second telepath has arrived on the station?

A Centauri prophet has visited the station.

A stranger has visited my ranger colegue about the tapestry we found. I’m wondering how he knew and what his agenda is? I’ve not been able to track him so far.

Another stranger has been visiting all kinds of residents, offering assistance and asking them what they want. Maybe things are starting.



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