Moving through Shadows

Binary grimoire

first entry

As suggested by my master, I will keep a journal on my travels and encounters while I wander the universe. It’s purpose is to add a certain level of wisdom to the knowledge a mage’s grimoire usually contains.

My name is Jaden and I am a technomage. It is said that a human is the sum of his experiences, so my history, all that has lead me to this point, deserves some merit. I find it useless to repeat it here however and will simply refer to my personal record here.

As for the present, I find myself on the Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5, in the Epsilon Eridani system. The station’s purpose is to promote dialog and thus peace between all races. It seemed logical then, to start my travels here.

My idea payed off, for mere days after my arrival I was approached by a human merchant named Roland Anderson. He wanted to enlist my aid in a salvage mission. The universe leads us to where it needs us the most, some of us follow the lead, and some struggle against it. For once I decided to see what the universe had in store for me.

I was introduced to the team that I would be accompanying, a human telepath, a human diplomat and a minbari traveler. An interesting group of people.

We made our way to the derelict ship we were to investigate. The trip through hyperspace lasted several weeks, but the time was well spent with meditation and studying.

The ship itself belonged to an old and as of yet unknown predecessor species of the Narn. We found evidence of a strange stowaway creature, a dangerous alien with claws and fangs. My comrades managed to subdue it however. I limited my involvement to healing the group’s wounds.

The ship was also infested with nanobots that turned the technology against us. The design of these nanobots closely resembles my/our own tech. I am uncertain if the nanobots came from an outside source or if they originated on the derelict ship.


Once back on Babylon 5 I procured a base of operations, so to speak. The previous resident had been murdered. Seeing as how local security seemed uninterested in the investigation I decided to help out. My newfound minbari friend seemed interested in the investigation as well and was already gathering information before I joined. I urged the local security chief, Michael Garibaldi to take a little more action, which payed off not long thereafter. We finally managed to find the culprits lair based upon a chemical substance he was using in his assassinations.

The bird had already flown the cage off course, but we managed to find his modus operandi. He made use of special insects that create a chemical that can explode. These insects used the chemical to blow a hole in their targets skulls. A unique way to get rid of one’s enemies, that much is certain.

The last few weeks have offered more than enough exitement and experience. The universe is far from a boring place. I can feel my master calling however. As usual I will probably be forced to pause my meanderings for a while as I continue with my studies of the technomage way.

end of first entry




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