Moving through Shadows

Fourth entry

report to ambassador Molari

To Ambassador Molari,

You are undoubtedly aware that there have been problems with deliveries of your favorite drink here on Babylon 5, and a little inquiry on my part has taught me that the problem is much grander than this. It seems there have been a lot of problems with deliveries in general, due to raiders operating in the vicinity. These raiders seem to be well informed, which makes me believe someone on the inside has been supplying them with the needed information about transit routes and arrival times. I checked with security but they seemed to be oblivious about this fact. It is of course their duty to investigate this and my resources do not extend to dealing with raiders.

Not short after my own investigation I was approached by a strange alien, it looked small, the size of a child with green skin, red eyes and a very wide mouth with sharp teeth, it introduced itself as being a goblin from the world of golarion. I have never heard of this world nor this race, though I must admit my expertise on these matters is rather limited.
The information he provided however proved to be rather useful. What bothers me of course is why I got this information? Does someone know I have been investigating this matter? I certainly hope my cover hasn’t been blown.
Back to the information. It provided me with a list of the stolen goods and a few names, names of people whom have had access to the the flight routes and times. I proceeded with gathering more information on possible suspects. There were three of them: Angela Moretti, a starfury pilot whom had been dealing with illegal deliveries of datacrystals. Richard Chen, an accountant with a lot of debts to a loanshark. And Michael Fargo, a security agent whom has been delivering sums of money to a man named Chris Sapiano, located on Io.
I’ve asked my friend, the technomage, to investigate this further, to see if any transmissions had been sent out the days before each transport and all he found was that the data had been tampered with. He did find one signal which was sent to an unknown portion of space nearby, and someone had tried to hide this signal.

I provided all this data to commander Ivanona, and she seems to have dealt with the issue. They found a raider battleship on the coordinates and destroyed it. There have been no attacks on transport ships ever since.

On other news: the psi cop had been recalled to earth, but after a week or so he returned, but could give no explanation as to why. I gave him a 3D camera as a welcome back gift. This camera is of course rigged with a recording device which sends everything recorded by it directly to me. Maybe we can learn more about them this way.

You faithful servant




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