Moving through Shadows

First entry

Report to Ambassador Molari

to Ambassador Molari,

There are some new players on Babylon 5 I believe you should be made aware of. First and most important of these is a man named Roland Anderson, a human freelance trader who can be found in the pub Nova Nine. I’m sure you know of this pub already. He and his associates conduct their bussiness from this place. At first glance it seems to be all legitimate, but I know, better than most, that looks can be deceiving.

I was hired by him, together with a few other people, to recover some missing scientists.
First of all, my companions on this mission. Two of them were humans and one of them a minbari. One of the humans is nothing less than a telepath named Buck rodgers, quite possibly member of psicorp, certainly someone to look out for. The other human seems to be more the mercenary type, trained in close combat, using an odd weapon, but more about that later, His name is Enzo DiStefano. The Minbari is a religious caste member and quite knowledgable, named Shaal Mir Orfirio. At first this seemed like a random group but I think there is more to the mercenary and the Minbari than meets the eye. They were the same type of clothing and use the same odd weapon, some sort of collapsible quarterstaff. They also used the same fighting technique. I will keep an eye on them.

Second, the mission. Apparently 6 scientist have gone missing while doing a dig on Levana 4 Beta, the second moon of Levana, a system in Drazzi space, near the border of Llort space. I found out that, while they had permission to go to the moon, they did not have permission to do a dig there. They have acquired a fake permit for this from N’Grath. The foul creature also told me that they had hired Paladin security guards and that at least one of them has connections to IPX. This surely means they are looking for ancient alien technology.

Our journey there was rather uneventful, and quite uncomfortable. We travelled in an earth ship, meaning no artificial gravity. The only interesting thing that happened was being intercepted by a Drazzi Sunhawk. I had to persuade them that the Whiskey we had on board was for medical purpose. They didn’t make a fuss about it though.
Once on the moon we quickly discovered the campsite. It had been abandoned, though not hastily. All the tents had been looked through, except for the main tent, which was still under airlock. The laboratory tent had been destroyed though, and quite thoroughly. I did find a journal which described some ruins nearby. I’ll add a copy of the journal to this log.
During the night we got attacked by Levana fire lions, some big ants basically, but nothing a pain grenade can’t solve.

The next day we went to investigate the ruins for clues. All I can say is that whomever lived her was technologically very advanced. Inside the ruins we found the two paladin guards, both dead, killed by ppgs. The minbari found black blood on one of the walls, which would indicate Llort. This would prove to be true, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Inside the ruins we also found a fake wall which we broke down. Behind it was a tapestry (I’ve included pictures in the report) with some ancient writing on it. It resembles Minbari, though it’s not the same language. Shaal has been trying to translate it without much luck.
Once outside we were attack by 4 Llort and despite some injuries, we managed to kill all 4 of them easily. Only the Telepath took a bit of a beating but the Minbari managed to patch him up enough to save his life. We discovered the Llort’s ship nearby and Shaal and Enzo got close enough to take out the guards. On board were the 4 scientists, still alive. We freed them and brought them back to our ship to take back to Babylon 5. Enzo wanted to salvage the Llort ship, but I convinced him that it would cause a lot of trouble, especially if we encountered Drazzi Sunhawks along the way home, which we did.

Once on Babylon 5 we reported back to Anderson and went our separate ways.

The last part of my report is something different. When back on the station I noticed there was some trouble with the workcrews, apparently their gear is out of date and in bad need of replacing, and they have not been paid properly. I’ve used some of my influence to have two new workcranes delivered to the workcrews, with compliments of the Centauri empire in gratitude for the hard work these people do here. This has made me some friends here for certain, which will be useful in the future.

If I have more news I will keep you informed.

Your faithful servant,




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