Moving through Shadows

Second entry

Report to Ambassador Molari

To ambassador Molari,

I’m going to say in advance that this report is going to be a bit of a disappointment. A few things have happened which might be of interest you and the great Centauri Republic, though most of it is beneath your attention.

It started when news reached me that the supplies of less easy to obtain goods were running dry at our regular provider. Apparently his supplier had not made a delivery in days. I urgently implored him to do something about it, even suggested he broaden his supplier base so things like this don’t happen in the future.

Next I was called to Anderson, apparently he had another mission he wanted to hire me for. A few familiar faces there, the psi-cop was there and also the minbari. No sight of the human muscle this time, though in his place, and you might find this interesting, was a technomage. He’s quite the intriguing individual, very resourceful. But on to the task. Anderson asked us to travel to derelict spaceship near Nochtal and salvage what could be salvaged. This is a bit beneath my expertise, but it does allow me to expand my influence. So off we went.

The journey there was rather uneventful. Once there however things got interesting. The ship was of unknown design and clearly quite old, older than anything I have seen before, and as we found out when we set foot on board, falling apart. I suggested a few times it might be wise to leave it be, but I think the other’s curiosity is stronger than their common sense, so we explored. I proved to be right though, unsurprisingly, as we were attacked by machines. Apparently some sort of nano-lifeform has taken residence there, or has always been there, and it reacted with hostility. The technomage got badly injured but he seems to be able to heal himself, and others, quite easily.

What we did find on the ship however you might find interesting. All the evidence we found suggests that the race this ship belongs to is a sort of proto-narn, ancestors of the current variety maybe? We found some in stasis on the ship.
In the meanwhile a brakkiri vessel showed up, but there was enough cargo on board not to have to fight over it, so I explained to them they could take what they want our of the cargo-hold. The group finally listened to my suggestion to just leave the ship and salvage some cargo, so we headed back to our ship. On the way there we were attacked by some alien creature. It got it’s claws in the psicop and wounded him badly, but we managed to kill it.

Nothing else of interest happened on this mission. We arrived back at Babylon 5 and delivered the salvaged goods to Anderson. I informed the homeworld of the location of the ship, though I’ve heard news that it already imploded before anyone could get to it.

The rest of my report will be less interesting I’m afraid.

I spoke to ambassador G’Kar and offered him my services as provider of goods and information. If I can get on good terms with him, the information I could gather for the Centauri Republic could be invaluable.

And it already paid off, though not in a way that’s beneficial to us. The technomage and minbari have been investigating a series of murders on the station (why they would not leave this to security I do not know) and they wanted to have a word with G’Kar. Apparently the narn that has been killed has had dealings with the other victims. The information gained from this talk led us to some mafia leader, who was killed by some insect while we were talking to him. The technomage managed to trace the creature back to it’s lair, but whomever had been behind the killings had already packed up and left. Felt a bit like a wild goose chase to me, which is why I don’t usually mingle in this sort of affairs.

I did learn one interesting fact however. While talking to G’Kar, the psi-cop was scanning his mind and apparently G’Kar was thinking about a Centauri ourpost. Maybe they plan an attack on us? I think it is well worth investigating, or at least increasing security.

Your faithful servant,




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