Moving through Shadows

Third entry

Report to ambassador Molari

To Ambassador Molari,

I was hired by mr Anderson to save a human from a Drazi prison. An associate of him had been captured by the Drazi under suspicion of spying on them and shipped off to an illegal and unofficial prison on an Ranasha. We would not be able to intercept the transport as it had quite the head start so we’d have to free him for the prison itself. Of course a prison like this would be heavily guarded, but because it was not an official one, I called on my influence in the court to have a cruiser sent there to take out the guarding ships, timing it with our arrival there.

On the way to the prison colony, the ship we were on attacked a Brakiri transport, looting it. The attack almost went wrong but it seems my colleagues kept out ship going during the battle, which earned us some trust and leeway with the captain. I’m not so keen on working with raiders but the information that they are indeed raiders is of course quite valuable. The captain informed us to contact a narn named T’shon when we arrived at Tirrith Free State. This space station, used by raiders, is divided in 4 pieces, much like Babylon 5. Two parts are publically accessible, the other 2 are for the crew. When we arrived we were approached by security whom explained us the rules of the station.

We split ways to cover more ground and get information. I sought some drazi to gain information about the colony and found out it is actually a mining colony, though not a successful one, and that there are about forty guards there, all trained military, and none of them want to be there, which could be to our advantage. I also found out that every few days a shuttle goes back and forth for supplies.
Afterwards I went to visit the Centauri enclave on the station and quickly found out this is not just ghetto of our people but rather a listening post of our empire. Their leader, a highly ranking intelligence officer named Targorashi, could give me more useful information, such as a map of the colony. In return I had to promise to get him a power regulator and to have a Centauri on the colony assassinated. The one who had to die is named Taro.

When we were ready to go to the colony, having decided to hitch a ride on the transport, we were approached by a Drazi who wanted to sell us the codes for entering the colony, but we quickly found out he wanted to sell us out. So we overpowered him and locked him up. Instead of using his codes we snuck into some boxes and got transported to the colony without detection.

Sneaking around the colony undetected was easy enough too, and we rapidly got into the alien lock-up. The man we were looking for wasn’t there however and we learned that the leader fo the drazi had taken him away to torture him. In the meanwhile I convinced a narn to kill the centauri, in return for freeing him. Letting beasts do my dirty work seemed fitting. At this point, the attack by our cruiser happened and we used the confusion to get to the room of the leader to free the human. It was easy enough to find and a short firefight later we had killed the drazi and freed the human. But not just the human, but also another human girl who seemed to be a medic, and some odd guy in a cryotube. We used the transport to fly back to the TFR. The transport that had brought us there intercepted us and informed us that the attack on the colony had stirred up things on the TFR so he proposed to just bring us back to Babylon 5. We agreed though I decided to stay behind and bring the stolen transport to the TFR, it has of course a power regulator on board which I wanted to bring to Targorashi. From there I arranged transport back to Babylon 5.

Nothing much happened other than this except for things you already are aware of. As you suggested I talked to the Prophetess. I’m afraid there is a darkness coming and her words in the hangar bay may be no exaggeration.

Your faithful servant,




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