Minbari ambassador


Following the Earth-Minbari war, the Earth Alliance launched the Babylon Project in hopes of avoiding any future confrontations such as precipitated the Earth-Minbari War. Unfortunately, the Project took almost ten years to get off the ground, as the stations were repeatedly sabotaged before they could be completed.

Finally, the fifth station, Babylon 5, went online in 2256. The Minbari Federation was the first to sign on and provided much of the funding for the station on the condition they be allowed to choose the station commander. The Grey Council selected Jeffrey Sinclair, but did not reveal the reason why.

Delenn came aboard the station as an ambassador. She quickly befriended Jeffrey Sinclair and was deeply impressed by his character, finding him to be very much like a Minbari.

In 2257, Kosh was sent to the station to be the ambassador for the Vorlons. He nearly died when an assassin poisoned him as soon as he arrived. Delenn was dismayed when the evidence suggested it was Sinclair, so much so that she did not stand up for him when the Babylon 5 Advisory Council voted to hand him over to the Vorlons. Thankfully, Sinclair was able to prove his innocence. The real culprit was in fact a Minbari Assassin from the Wind Swords Clan. Delenn helped expose him and apologized to Sinclair for the incident.

Delenn met the human telepath, Lyta Alexander, when Lyta was asked to be part of some negotiations Delenn was involved in.

Delenn quickly acclimated to her role as ambassador. The Minbari Federation is slowly turning from its isolationist position and embracing more trade, though by and large the process is slow. Delenn does what she can to encourage peace among the other worlds.


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