Moving through Shadows

Anla'Shok's second report

Anla’Shok Na,
it’s been a few weeks.

I just returned to the station from Minbar to find a message from mr Anderson on the Babcom terminal.

He had another, rather well paying job. He wanted us to do a kind of search and rescue / prisonbreak.

He was hired to free a human businessman who’d been imprisoned by the Drazi government on a prison colony (a mining facility on an asteroid in neutral territory claimed by the Tirit Free State).

I agreed to do this because I’m curious where these jobs for mr Anderson will lead.

We were booked on a freighter, the Veil of Tears. This ship was a converted military transport.

We also received an expense account to buy some gear. I purchased some standard survival gear, and a decent breather mask and warm clothing.

The journey was quite uneventful, at least until we came across a couple of Drazi freighters. This resulted in a real battle! Our ship was still armed, and one of those Drazi was a disguised military vessel.

We were knocked out, and all of us assisted bringing our ship back online. Somehow me managed to get out of there alive!

The Tirith space station was nothing like I expected. It most resembles the pirate island Tortuga from the old stories. There were all kinds of ships docked, and everything is for sale.

I arranged with our captain to be able to use a shuttle of needed, and even for his ship to assist us if needed.

And I headed for T’s Bar. I’d been told the proprietor would be able to get us just about anything.

He sold me information. There’s a Centauri who knows the prison layout. The prison shuttle comes around once a week to pick up supplies. Melissa got us the layout from the Centauri.

We hid in the supply crates. The guards were not paying attention, so we got into the prison barracks easily. But our target wasn’t there: the warden loves to torture and he’d taken our man. And then, while we were deciding what to do, the Centauri started bombarding the asteroid! I’m wondering what this is about.

We made for the warden’s rooms and had a bit of a fight. We freed our man. Another prisoner was taking care of his wounds, so we took her along as well. But the warden also had an ancient human cryotube complete with living specimen in his quarters! So we made out of there with some extra passengers.

Mr Anderson has hired this human from an age long gone. He went to sleep somewhere around 2050! I’m curious how he will adapt to this situation, and what’s mr Anderson has planned for him.

On an unrelated not, our resident telepath has been recalled to psicorps to take part in an experiment. Maybe that’s why a second telepath has arrived on the station?

A Centauri prophet has visited the station.

A stranger has visited my ranger colegue about the tapestry we found. I’m wondering how he knew and what his agenda is? I’ve not been able to track him so far.

Another stranger has been visiting all kinds of residents, offering assistance and asking them what they want. Maybe things are starting.

Third entry
Report to ambassador Molari

To Ambassador Molari,

I was hired by mr Anderson to save a human from a Drazi prison. An associate of him had been captured by the Drazi under suspicion of spying on them and shipped off to an illegal and unofficial prison on an Ranasha. We would not be able to intercept the transport as it had quite the head start so we’d have to free him for the prison itself. Of course a prison like this would be heavily guarded, but because it was not an official one, I called on my influence in the court to have a cruiser sent there to take out the guarding ships, timing it with our arrival there.

On the way to the prison colony, the ship we were on attacked a Brakiri transport, looting it. The attack almost went wrong but it seems my colleagues kept out ship going during the battle, which earned us some trust and leeway with the captain. I’m not so keen on working with raiders but the information that they are indeed raiders is of course quite valuable. The captain informed us to contact a narn named T’shon when we arrived at Tirrith Free State. This space station, used by raiders, is divided in 4 pieces, much like Babylon 5. Two parts are publically accessible, the other 2 are for the crew. When we arrived we were approached by security whom explained us the rules of the station.

We split ways to cover more ground and get information. I sought some drazi to gain information about the colony and found out it is actually a mining colony, though not a successful one, and that there are about forty guards there, all trained military, and none of them want to be there, which could be to our advantage. I also found out that every few days a shuttle goes back and forth for supplies.
Afterwards I went to visit the Centauri enclave on the station and quickly found out this is not just ghetto of our people but rather a listening post of our empire. Their leader, a highly ranking intelligence officer named Targorashi, could give me more useful information, such as a map of the colony. In return I had to promise to get him a power regulator and to have a Centauri on the colony assassinated. The one who had to die is named Taro.

When we were ready to go to the colony, having decided to hitch a ride on the transport, we were approached by a Drazi who wanted to sell us the codes for entering the colony, but we quickly found out he wanted to sell us out. So we overpowered him and locked him up. Instead of using his codes we snuck into some boxes and got transported to the colony without detection.

Sneaking around the colony undetected was easy enough too, and we rapidly got into the alien lock-up. The man we were looking for wasn’t there however and we learned that the leader fo the drazi had taken him away to torture him. In the meanwhile I convinced a narn to kill the centauri, in return for freeing him. Letting beasts do my dirty work seemed fitting. At this point, the attack by our cruiser happened and we used the confusion to get to the room of the leader to free the human. It was easy enough to find and a short firefight later we had killed the drazi and freed the human. But not just the human, but also another human girl who seemed to be a medic, and some odd guy in a cryotube. We used the transport to fly back to the TFR. The transport that had brought us there intercepted us and informed us that the attack on the colony had stirred up things on the TFR so he proposed to just bring us back to Babylon 5. We agreed though I decided to stay behind and bring the stolen transport to the TFR, it has of course a power regulator on board which I wanted to bring to Targorashi. From there I arranged transport back to Babylon 5.

Nothing much happened other than this except for things you already are aware of. As you suggested I talked to the Prophetess. I’m afraid there is a darkness coming and her words in the hangar bay may be no exaggeration.

Your faithful servant,


Binary grimoire
first entry

As suggested by my master, I will keep a journal on my travels and encounters while I wander the universe. It’s purpose is to add a certain level of wisdom to the knowledge a mage’s grimoire usually contains.

My name is Jaden and I am a technomage. It is said that a human is the sum of his experiences, so my history, all that has lead me to this point, deserves some merit. I find it useless to repeat it here however and will simply refer to my personal record here.

As for the present, I find myself on the Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5, in the Epsilon Eridani system. The station’s purpose is to promote dialog and thus peace between all races. It seemed logical then, to start my travels here.

My idea payed off, for mere days after my arrival I was approached by a human merchant named Roland Anderson. He wanted to enlist my aid in a salvage mission. The universe leads us to where it needs us the most, some of us follow the lead, and some struggle against it. For once I decided to see what the universe had in store for me.

I was introduced to the team that I would be accompanying, a human telepath, a human diplomat and a minbari traveler. An interesting group of people.

We made our way to the derelict ship we were to investigate. The trip through hyperspace lasted several weeks, but the time was well spent with meditation and studying.

The ship itself belonged to an old and as of yet unknown predecessor species of the Narn. We found evidence of a strange stowaway creature, a dangerous alien with claws and fangs. My comrades managed to subdue it however. I limited my involvement to healing the group’s wounds.

The ship was also infested with nanobots that turned the technology against us. The design of these nanobots closely resembles my/our own tech. I am uncertain if the nanobots came from an outside source or if they originated on the derelict ship.


Once back on Babylon 5 I procured a base of operations, so to speak. The previous resident had been murdered. Seeing as how local security seemed uninterested in the investigation I decided to help out. My newfound minbari friend seemed interested in the investigation as well and was already gathering information before I joined. I urged the local security chief, Michael Garibaldi to take a little more action, which payed off not long thereafter. We finally managed to find the culprits lair based upon a chemical substance he was using in his assassinations.

The bird had already flown the cage off course, but we managed to find his modus operandi. He made use of special insects that create a chemical that can explode. These insects used the chemical to blow a hole in their targets skulls. A unique way to get rid of one’s enemies, that much is certain.

The last few weeks have offered more than enough exitement and experience. The universe is far from a boring place. I can feel my master calling however. As usual I will probably be forced to pause my meanderings for a while as I continue with my studies of the technomage way.

end of first entry


Second entry
Report to Ambassador Molari

To ambassador Molari,

I’m going to say in advance that this report is going to be a bit of a disappointment. A few things have happened which might be of interest you and the great Centauri Republic, though most of it is beneath your attention.

It started when news reached me that the supplies of less easy to obtain goods were running dry at our regular provider. Apparently his supplier had not made a delivery in days. I urgently implored him to do something about it, even suggested he broaden his supplier base so things like this don’t happen in the future.

Next I was called to Anderson, apparently he had another mission he wanted to hire me for. A few familiar faces there, the psi-cop was there and also the minbari. No sight of the human muscle this time, though in his place, and you might find this interesting, was a technomage. He’s quite the intriguing individual, very resourceful. But on to the task. Anderson asked us to travel to derelict spaceship near Nochtal and salvage what could be salvaged. This is a bit beneath my expertise, but it does allow me to expand my influence. So off we went.

The journey there was rather uneventful. Once there however things got interesting. The ship was of unknown design and clearly quite old, older than anything I have seen before, and as we found out when we set foot on board, falling apart. I suggested a few times it might be wise to leave it be, but I think the other’s curiosity is stronger than their common sense, so we explored. I proved to be right though, unsurprisingly, as we were attacked by machines. Apparently some sort of nano-lifeform has taken residence there, or has always been there, and it reacted with hostility. The technomage got badly injured but he seems to be able to heal himself, and others, quite easily.

What we did find on the ship however you might find interesting. All the evidence we found suggests that the race this ship belongs to is a sort of proto-narn, ancestors of the current variety maybe? We found some in stasis on the ship.
In the meanwhile a brakkiri vessel showed up, but there was enough cargo on board not to have to fight over it, so I explained to them they could take what they want our of the cargo-hold. The group finally listened to my suggestion to just leave the ship and salvage some cargo, so we headed back to our ship. On the way there we were attacked by some alien creature. It got it’s claws in the psicop and wounded him badly, but we managed to kill it.

Nothing else of interest happened on this mission. We arrived back at Babylon 5 and delivered the salvaged goods to Anderson. I informed the homeworld of the location of the ship, though I’ve heard news that it already imploded before anyone could get to it.

The rest of my report will be less interesting I’m afraid.

I spoke to ambassador G’Kar and offered him my services as provider of goods and information. If I can get on good terms with him, the information I could gather for the Centauri Republic could be invaluable.

And it already paid off, though not in a way that’s beneficial to us. The technomage and minbari have been investigating a series of murders on the station (why they would not leave this to security I do not know) and they wanted to have a word with G’Kar. Apparently the narn that has been killed has had dealings with the other victims. The information gained from this talk led us to some mafia leader, who was killed by some insect while we were talking to him. The technomage managed to trace the creature back to it’s lair, but whomever had been behind the killings had already packed up and left. Felt a bit like a wild goose chase to me, which is why I don’t usually mingle in this sort of affairs.

I did learn one interesting fact however. While talking to G’Kar, the psi-cop was scanning his mind and apparently G’Kar was thinking about a Centauri ourpost. Maybe they plan an attack on us? I think it is well worth investigating, or at least increasing security.

Your faithful servant,


Anla'Shok's first report

I’ve made my way to Babylon 5 as per your orders.
I’ve taken up residence here as one of the many humans who came here looking for a new life. I’ve been taking up many small jobs. This lets me blend in with the population and I get to make contact with many different people.
I’ve noticed Shaal Mir has made her way here as well.

One of my contacts, the businessman Anderson, has contracted the both of us into a team to go and look for a group of archaeologists that have gone missing on Levana IV Beta. The other members of the team were a Psi Corps telepath and a woman who seemed to be more at her place in a boardroom or ambassadorial staff.
This composition alone was enough for me to agree to this job.

The interesting parts of this job. The team had falsified papers. They also had hired two Paladin Security guards. I’m wondering what they expected to find that was worth this kind of risk and expeses. But they are not talking, and I’m not pressing. I’m not risking my cover.
We discovered an ancient Minbari tapesty with text on it. Shaal Mir will be sending you the pictures.
The archaeologists were captured by Llort raiders, and we freed them.

I would have preferred to resolve this without violence. But that was not possible and I had to use the Dem’bok. I’ll have to think of some bullshit story on where I picked this up during my travels.

Also a couple of days after our return rumours were spreading about a soulhunter on Babylon 5. I went to investigate, and found ambassador Delenn as she was saved by commander Sinclair. She saw me, and later I was asked to visit her in Medlab. She asked me to locate the stash of souls. I asked the telepath if he could sense them. That seemed to me the easiest way to go about it. He traced it and we managed to recover them. They were handed over to the ambassador.


And so it begins

A new pub has openend up on Babylon 5, Nova9. One ofthe pubs investors decides to use it as his place of business. His name isRoland Anderson and he is a freelance trader and middle-man.

One of his first clients on B5 was a group of scientist in search of alien ruins. They discibed the ruins and Roland had his contact check for any known ruins out there.
His contacts allerted him to certain old ruins on Levana IV Beta, the second moon around the 4th planet in the Levana system. Seeing as how the system was off limits to humans the scientists arranged for a fake permit with N’Grath and with the help of Roland Anderson they managed to set up their expedition.

After two weeks Roland Anderson received a distress call from Levana IV Beta. Only two words could be made out, “Help” and “Attack”. In order to protect his clients and his investment, Roland Anderson spread the word that he was looking for some hired help.

A group of 4 persons agreed to travel to Levana IV Beta to investigate. Two members of the Anla’Shok, a human and a Minabri, a centauri spy and a psy-cop in training.

On Levena IV Beta they found the scientist’s camp abandoned. Inside the ruins they found signs of a firefight and two dead human security guards. They also found an ancient Minbari tapestry hidden behind an old wall.

As they tried to leave the ruins they were attacked by a party of Llort. Llort are known to be raiders and the group managed to kill all 4 attackers. They tracked their attackers trail back to their ship and resqued the 4 remaining scientists.

Once back on B5 they reported to Roland Anderson who was more than pleased.

In the aftermath of their trip the Anla’Shok and the telepath also helped Ambassador Delenn obtain the collection of a soul hunter that visited B5. Aria (Melissa Hart) managed to make some friends with the dockworkers of B5 by obtaining some new equipment for them.

First entry
Report to Ambassador Molari

to Ambassador Molari,

There are some new players on Babylon 5 I believe you should be made aware of. First and most important of these is a man named Roland Anderson, a human freelance trader who can be found in the pub Nova Nine. I’m sure you know of this pub already. He and his associates conduct their bussiness from this place. At first glance it seems to be all legitimate, but I know, better than most, that looks can be deceiving.

I was hired by him, together with a few other people, to recover some missing scientists.
First of all, my companions on this mission. Two of them were humans and one of them a minbari. One of the humans is nothing less than a telepath named Buck rodgers, quite possibly member of psicorp, certainly someone to look out for. The other human seems to be more the mercenary type, trained in close combat, using an odd weapon, but more about that later, His name is Enzo DiStefano. The Minbari is a religious caste member and quite knowledgable, named Shaal Mir Orfirio. At first this seemed like a random group but I think there is more to the mercenary and the Minbari than meets the eye. They were the same type of clothing and use the same odd weapon, some sort of collapsible quarterstaff. They also used the same fighting technique. I will keep an eye on them.

Second, the mission. Apparently 6 scientist have gone missing while doing a dig on Levana 4 Beta, the second moon of Levana, a system in Drazzi space, near the border of Llort space. I found out that, while they had permission to go to the moon, they did not have permission to do a dig there. They have acquired a fake permit for this from N’Grath. The foul creature also told me that they had hired Paladin security guards and that at least one of them has connections to IPX. This surely means they are looking for ancient alien technology.

Our journey there was rather uneventful, and quite uncomfortable. We travelled in an earth ship, meaning no artificial gravity. The only interesting thing that happened was being intercepted by a Drazzi Sunhawk. I had to persuade them that the Whiskey we had on board was for medical purpose. They didn’t make a fuss about it though.
Once on the moon we quickly discovered the campsite. It had been abandoned, though not hastily. All the tents had been looked through, except for the main tent, which was still under airlock. The laboratory tent had been destroyed though, and quite thoroughly. I did find a journal which described some ruins nearby. I’ll add a copy of the journal to this log.
During the night we got attacked by Levana fire lions, some big ants basically, but nothing a pain grenade can’t solve.

The next day we went to investigate the ruins for clues. All I can say is that whomever lived her was technologically very advanced. Inside the ruins we found the two paladin guards, both dead, killed by ppgs. The minbari found black blood on one of the walls, which would indicate Llort. This would prove to be true, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Inside the ruins we also found a fake wall which we broke down. Behind it was a tapestry (I’ve included pictures in the report) with some ancient writing on it. It resembles Minbari, though it’s not the same language. Shaal has been trying to translate it without much luck.
Once outside we were attack by 4 Llort and despite some injuries, we managed to kill all 4 of them easily. Only the Telepath took a bit of a beating but the Minbari managed to patch him up enough to save his life. We discovered the Llort’s ship nearby and Shaal and Enzo got close enough to take out the guards. On board were the 4 scientists, still alive. We freed them and brought them back to our ship to take back to Babylon 5. Enzo wanted to salvage the Llort ship, but I convinced him that it would cause a lot of trouble, especially if we encountered Drazzi Sunhawks along the way home, which we did.

Once on Babylon 5 we reported back to Anderson and went our separate ways.

The last part of my report is something different. When back on the station I noticed there was some trouble with the workcrews, apparently their gear is out of date and in bad need of replacing, and they have not been paid properly. I’ve used some of my influence to have two new workcranes delivered to the workcrews, with compliments of the Centauri empire in gratitude for the hard work these people do here. This has made me some friends here for certain, which will be useful in the future.

If I have more news I will keep you informed.

Your faithful servant,



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