Moving through Shadows

Anla'Shoks third report


Anla’Shok Nah,

We returned to Babylon 5, as instructed. We left the ship that’s been placed under our command at a safe place nearby; not too far from the station, but not within direct sensor range.

When we got back to the station ms Fernander, mr Anderson’s secretary, was waiting for us. She asked if we were willing to do her a favour. She was willing to pay for our service, but let it slide. I figured having her as a friend would be more beneficial in the long run.

And she had recruited some more people. I recognised mr Roggers, one of our local telepaths. The others I didn’t know. One was an Earthforce doctor, the other a member of station security. And the last person was a private investigator.

Now, the job. Ms Fernandez, before starting her job for mr Anderson, was a rising star in the Earth Alliance diplomatic corps. At some point her boss assigned her to become friendly with a senator. And later she found out her boss had the apartment bugged, and he had all the activity on tape; leverage to help him sway the senator’s vote later on.

Now the tape had never been used, but she found out her former boss and the senator are at ods in an upcoming vote to change something in the constitution. (they want to change the clause that forces the vice president if he’s to take of the presidency to organise new elections asap)

We were booked on a shuttle bound for Geneva, and the PI had some intel on the diplomatic compound we were to hit. In short: it’s a rather big compound with an electric fence 5m high around it.

I decided to do some recon of the area, and ofcourse I ended with a whole train trailing me.

Since it’s near the mountains my first idea was to use a wingsuit or something like that to glide into the coupound at night. There’s an extreme sports company in the area, so getting access to these items would be possible. But I’m not sure if some of my companions would be able to make the entry this way.

So I decided on the normal way: cutting the fence. We managed to get inside, but we triggered a silent alarm. We climbed some trees, but two of us were seen and taken captive. Mr Roggers and I managed to stay hidden, and we incapacitated some guards to take their gear.

On our way we met up once more with the others who’d broken free. We got in and made our way to the ambassador’s office. However, our stolen access card had not sufficient clearance to open the door. So our security guy snuck in via the airducts from a nearby office, and I held him up by means of a rope. And this way we managed to get the files.

Now, the question remains if he made a copy. My gut tells me no. These files were stored offline on a datacrystal and locked in a secure safe in his secure office. So I’m thinking he wouldn’t risk these files getting into the wrong hands by storing them outside his own sphere of control. And besides, more copies increase the risk.

Later I heard about an IPEX ship disappearing in the rim. They were a crew exploring a system recently opened by an exploration ship, with a new jumpgate.

I got some volunteers together to go and see what happened. Disappearances in the rim are after all something we should look into.

We had the same people coming along.

We took our ship, and the matching uniforms caused some raised eyebrows, but no one asked anything. So I didn’t volunteer any information.

We found the place where the expedition did some diging for geological and archaeological research. And we found a piece of strange debris. It was a big piece of strange metal. The metal reminded me of the descriptions of the enemy vessels we receive during our training, so I decided to take this along. It’s included in the shipment that brings this message.

We noticed a jumpgate opening, and investigation revealed a small shuttle adrift. We took it into our hangar and found a corpse inside; one of the IPEX people. He was murdered and his last message spoke of someone going crazy. We followed this lead and found the IPEX vessel in orbit over a world. This place is made off limits because it’s a bronze age civilization. We investigated the ship and found one person alive. One escape pod was missing and it was the captain who’d taken it down. The logs revealed they had found a ship with a pilot linked to the computer system via his nerve system. Again, this seems bad news to me.

The captain was linked to this system and was utterly insane. Luckily the village shaman was a ‘mindwalker’, so he understood this man was nog god and we were just somewhat technologically more advanced. He talked to his people and made it possible for us to intervene without doing too much damage.

Our security guy was talking about keeping this tech for EarthForce, and I was getting ready for some big mess when we found ambassador Kosh waiting for us. He asked permission to come aboard and naturally we agreed. He demanded the item, and walked off with it.



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