Moving through Shadows

Fifth entry

Report to ambassador Molari

To Ambassador Molari,

Not many interesting things have happened lately that i felt the need to report to you directly. However the past few days some things did happen that you might be interested in knowing.

First of, while at the Zocalo, I noticed one of the guards walking back and forth for hours. Now while this may not seem strange, he is a guard after all, he had been doing it for some 14 hours. So I went to check if there was an emergency or a strike or somethign to explain this, but nothing of that sort. The next step was obviously to talk to him in person and see what I could find out. He gave me very little in information, though he seemed on edge. I didn’t press the point but I did advise him to change out of his guard uniform to be a bit less suspicious.

Not long after I was contacted by Jaden (the technomage) to investigate rumours about the Cataclysm. As you most certainly are aware of, the Cataclysm was a dylgar warship that was presumibly destroyed, though this was never verified. I did not find any recent rumours, only old ones, such as the contents of it’s cargo (most likely some sort of weapon to win the war), and a cryptic ;essage it sent right before disappearing: “We know what can save us, we bring it home”

Not long after I had reported this back to Jaden, I saw him, the guard, the psicop and the minbari attacked by a bunch of Drazi. When the fight was over I talked to Jaden and he explained to me that the guard had received information on the whereabouts of the Cataclysm, but that the second part of the coordinates were held by IPX. Instead of just trying to break in, i suggested to Jaden to just check their logs and maybe hack their files, which saved us a lot of trouble in getting the second set of coordinates.

We used Jaden’s ship to travel to the coordinates. You should see his ship Ambassador, it is a marvel, like nothing I’ve seen before. I’ve attached a detailed description of the ship in this log.

When we arrived at the coordinates we found the Cataclysm, and it had apparently crashed on an astroid. It was badly damaged and something very large must have escaped from it’s cargobay. Jaden decided that whatever they had been carrying was better of staying burried so we destroyed the ship. I have added the coordinates in an attached file. Maybe the great republic can see if we can salvage anything from it’s remains?

You faithful servant




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