Alexander Ivankov

Earthforce Soldier


Alexander Ivankov comes from a family with a long military background. He was on the fasttrack for a succesfull military career and was about to be selected for SAS training when an op went horrible wrong. Pirates had kidnapped the daughter of a wealthy Industrial and his squad was sent in to rescue her. However a communication glitch resulted in the girl and some of his squad to lose their lives.

The industrial’s rage struck hard as he used his political connections to get his revenge on the survivors. The remainder of the team was broken up and they barely managed to avoid a dishonorable discharge. Alexander was reassigned as a security guard on board Babylon 5. While he doesn’t have a problem with non-humans despite his upbringing, his father being a vet of the line and a major xenophobe, he feels that he is outside his element. He would much rather be out on the field serving as a soldier and not as a glorified mal cop. Never the less he is determined to make the best of his situation and will serve without hesitation in the hope of regainging his previous position.


Alexander Ivankov

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